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I’m a funnel geek!

When I see a beautifully crafted lead generation funnel, at first I’m awestruck by how perfect it is (seriously!) and then I’m “okay let’s rip this thing apart and see how it works”.

Later, an app that allows users to visually plan their Instagram content,  easily organizing it by week and month, has created a masterful lead generation campaign that I figure is definitely worth ‘ripping’ apart.

Let me share it with you so you can learn from it and use the insights you get to create your own epic lead gen funnels.

The Video Course Lead Magnet

Video courses have the highest perceived value of all lead magnets. Typically, these will take the format of 3 to 5 short 5-minute lessons that deliver ‘holy crap’ level content.

Later are taking it one step further and offering a 30 minute free video course teaching people how to create a beautiful Instagram aesthetic, using their app, of course!

The Ad

I came across the ad on our new Instagram for Upscribe (by the way, go follow us. We’re new and our following is sad!).

The image they’ve chosen lets people instantly know the training is free.  The description lets viewers know that it’s ‘brand new’ which psychologically triggers a desire to have it.

Brand new suggests fresh, up to date and if you take the course, you’ll be among the first to get all this great content, giving you an instant head start. Brand new is good!

Emojis are well known to focus attention.  That’s why so many people place them right beside their most important call to action.

[bctt tweet=”Emojis focus attention.  That’s why so many place them beside their most important call to action.”]

Later have positioned theirs to draw attention to the “brand new free course” they’re offering.

The Landing Page

The “Watch More” call to action (CTA) on the Instagram ad takes viewers to a beautifully designed landing page, that looks like this;

Again, in case we missed it, we see it’s free training.  It’s a got a clear and to the point headline. We know that after taking the course, our Instagram will look better. We also know that beautifully designed Instagrams get more followers.

The “Watch now for free” CTA is still trading on the “get some great information that will benefit you and pay nothing for it” angle and directs the viewer’s attention down to the video.

And, oh, I wonder what those two friendly women want to share with me?  The video does a great job getting viewers to watch it. The image of the two smiling presenters encourages clicks to find what they have to say.  They do a great job selling viewers on the ‘free’ course.  It’s short, professionally produced and well presented.

We learn that the course will be taught by experts Instagrammers.  We instantly know that this is not a half-baked effort at training.  After all, they’ve brought in speakers. Translation: expect some epic content!

The Lead Magnet Call To Action

When the promo video is over, an opt-in form appears over the video.  The form’s CTA button is simply “Play”, letting viewers know that when they sign up, the video will start and they’ll get instant access to the training.

Enter your email address and one tiny step later,  you’re in and watching some insanely useful, high-value content.

A simple email opens the content for viewing. It’s beautiful.

Each video features useful training and tips but also demonstrates how Later is used by the experts sharing the tips to make their Instagram design workflow easier and better.


Also adding to the perceived value of the lead magnet is the video playlist feature. Viewers can see exactly what they’ll be learning and if even one of those topics, for example, “Photography tips for flat lays and food styling”, promises to solve a problem for the viewer, they’ll opt-in.

The playlist is created with Wistia, a video hosting solution for businesses. If you want a cheaper solution, you can use YouTube and a WordPress plugin like Video Gallery Plugin.

Clicking on any video in the playlist brings up the opt-in form.

The rest of the page, clearly explains exactly what viewers will learn in each of the 8 modules.

Free Resources

Each module description section includes a link to the Instagram of expert featured in that module.  Instant free marketing as the experts share the course with their following and great exposure for them too.  The best content works for everybody.

The sections also include links to free resources on the topic that take visitors to the Later Blog.

If the viewer clicks a link away from the Instagram Aesthetics course landing page to the blog, Later uses on page communication to funnel them back to the course landing page. They do this by sending a message via Intercom, a messaging platform that allows website owners to chat with visitors in real time.

The ‘Other’ Call To Action

At the bottom of the landing page, Later also reminds visitors that it’s free to create a Later account with Instagram.  This CTA is placed at the very bottom of the page because the funnel is designed to first give value, warm visitors up and pitch Later later!

The Email

As I was already signed up to Later, I’m not sure if a double opt-in was required.  The videos were available to view instantly without it so I’m guessing not.

The final step of the lead generation funnel process is the Welcome email.

The email begins with a popular and powerful statement often used in welcome emails …. the ‘successful outcome’ formula.   It’s simple and goes like this;  You’re on your way to [solving some major pain you have].

It gives a quick summary of everything, including a link to the video training, how long it will take and a reminder to check out the free resources.  It screams value!

It finishes by implicitly inviting people to take action on the training by sharing their results using the Later hashtag #planyourfeed.

And then, there’s the all-important invitation to sign up and create a Later account. Right. At. The. Very. Bottom!

Value first, always!

Top 10 Take-Aways From Studying Later’s Lead Gen Funnel

There’s a whole bunch of lessons to take away from studying Later’s lead generation funnel.  Here’s a quick summary of the top 10;

  1. Provide valuable free training (not crappy stuff!)
  2. Use video training where possible (it’s instantly perceived as high value)
  3. Make the training and presentation EPIC.  (i.e. when you think it’s great, make it even greater)
  4. Involve other ‘experts’ in creating your content (they’ll share it with their followers giving more exposure to your lead magnet)
  5. Be consistent in styling (the Later brand aesthetic is consistent throughout the entire funnel)
  6. Keep the landing page simple and clear and clean
  7. Make accessing the content as simple and as quick as possible.  The fewer steps the better.
  8. Don’t push your objective (e.g. more product purchases/signups) in your content.  Give value first and then, demonstrate how your product makes the job easier.
  9. Promote your lead magnet in as many places as you can; on your blog using tools like Intercom and with paid ads on the channels where your target audience hang out.
  10. Place your main objective call to action (sign up/sales) everywhere, but be subtle. Place it at the bottom of your landing page and at the bottom of your welcome email.

What Do You Think?

Have you tried video training as a lead magnet?  Is there anything special you love (or hate) about Later’s lead funnel setup?  What improvements would you make?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  We love to hear them.

Tracey Meagher is the co-founder of and lives by the mantra, ‘there is always more revenue to be found’. In her passion to help solo founders and small teams find it, she studies and shares on her blog the proven methods used by the most successful online marketers. Tracey is currently a subscriber to eleventy billion mailing lists. Yay!

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