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Convert leads to paying customers with the email sequence
pro-marketers use to sell millions of dollars
worth of products every year.

We've Analyzed The eMails From Dozens of Top Marketers
Studied What Works & Packed Everything into
High Converting eMail Templates

What if you knew exactly what to say in every email to get the sale?

Creating an email sequence that converts isn’t easy.  That’s why we’ve worked on a simple solution you can get started with today.  We’ve crafted the perfect sequence of emails to help you get the sale every time. 

They’re packed with prompts to help you easily customize the content.  You’ll have a complete email sequence ready in hours, not days, no matter what you’re selling.

By studying emails from some of the greatest marketers, we’ve identified the key strategies they all have in common and plugged them into our unique templates.  This sequence takes the guess work out of converting your lead by email.

Sell Anything in 10 eMails includes psychological triggers and strategies that help you build trust and authority.

Each email achieves one simple goal, with each goal working towards leading your new lead to the buy button,

Simply swap out the prompts with your own product information, plugin into your autoresponder and let the the emails do their work

Here's How it Works ...

It’s simple. Replace the prompts in the templates with information specific to your offer or product.

The Template

Take the template for the first follow up you have with your new lead. Let’s say you’re providing a valuable video course. You need to build warmth, trust and authority instantly.

Your Final eMail

Doing that is easy when you’ve got a great framework to work with. Our templates can be adapted for just about anything and will build instant trust in a warm and genuine way.

Each Template is Fully Annotated
In The 10 Emails Pocket Book

We don't want to simply give you the winning templates.
We want you to understand what's happening in them. That's why we've clearly explained
the intent in each paragraph so you know what triggers are working and why.


eMails Built To Take Your Lead
To Your Buy Button Every Time

10 eMails begins with 3 first contact emails and follows with 10 sales driven emails. You also get 3 webinar emails. Each of the emails achieves one goal.  That goal is wrapped in psychological triggers designed to get the sale.   

The emails build rapport, trust, authority, assurance, credibility and social proof; everything needed to convert a cold lead into a new paying customer.

Sequence 1

First Contact

  • Day 1 – Lead Gen – First Contact (Building Trust)
  • Day 2 – Lead Gen – Follow Up (Building Value)
  • Day 3 – Lead Gen – 2nd Follow up (Building Anticipation)

Sequence 2

Trust Building

  • Day 4 – Feedback (Building Trust)
  • Day 5 – Introduce Product (with one key strategy!)
  • Day 6 – The Secret Sauce (YOU MUST DO THIS)
  • Day 7 – Share testimonial (Building Trust)

Sequence 3

Getting The Sale

  • Day 8 – This ONE STRATEGY will get the sale
  • Day 9 – Q & A (Building Trust)
  • Day 10 – Case Study (Building Desire)
  • Day 11 – Second Case Study (Building Desire)
  • Day 12 – Last Chance (Building Scarcity)

Sequence 4

Webinar Sequence

  • Day 1 – Confirmation (Building Anticipation)
  • Day 1 – You’re In (Invite colleagues)
  • Day 2 – Starting in 30 mins (Building Anticipation)

"Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy.
Send them an email until they do."

Jordie Van Rijn (Email Marketing Consultant)

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